Cosmetologist Maya


About me

I am a hairstylist of over nineteen years, over time; I have decided that it’s crucial for me to use only the best products on my clients. I know that the products I use, and the services I provide will not only satisfy my clients in the moment, but will continue to do so weeks after. It has been proven, and tested by myself, as well as my clients that the treatments I provide, and the products I use such as hair dye, will not bring damage to the hair, but life because of it’s great quality.

With every touch, I make sure that my client is receiving what they desire, no surprises with me. What is differrente about me, is that before I offer, or even use any procudt on my client, I test everything out myself, making sure that what I offer is truly there in the product. Everything that you could possibly get from me is pure truth about the products I use, and the quality of my work.



Skin care